Our Services for Automotive Industries

Our manufacturing processes are ideal for prototype and low volume components for automotive usage. Our design and manufacturing experts assist our clients from the concept stage to rapid production to enable them to bring real-life products to markets faster than ever before. We also help our clients make their design more compatible with our manufacturing processes without altering any measurements and functionalities.


Our Services for Medical Industries

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can create plastic parts and components for medical devices. We can produce low volume specialized plastic medical parts that our customers need. Many industry leading companies including Siemens use our medical services.


Our Services for Consumer Electronics

We are capable to build custom prototypes and low volume parts for consumer electronics very rapidly and economically. Our high precision manufacturing processes enable us to create prototypes and low volume parts that precisely match the exact specifications of our clients’ expectations. Having multiple manufacturing processes also help us meet our customers’ unique needs. Our processes include: